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How To Use a Word Wall

Basic Sight Words and Themed Words


Word walls are an essential component for every classroom. Printable Words (Pre-K-Gr.3) found here

Here are the steps and guidelines to getting started.

1. Introduce no more than 5 sight words per week that are developmentally appropriate.
2. When you've introduced 5 words, add them to the word wall - alphabetically.
3. As you add the next five words, continue to review the words on the word wall from previous week(s).
4. Provide parents with the words of the week each month to ensure review at home occurs.

Now for some word wall learning activities:

1. Take turns using the words in sentences.
2. Word Wall Bingo! Children put 6 words on a blank grid. The teacher takes away words one at a time and the students cover the word. The first to cover all 6 words calls BINGO and then reads the 6 words.
3. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? This game requires students to be divided into groups. The student tries to read all of the words on the wall, they have 2 lifelines. Remember, many misconcpetions are cleared up when one child hears another child read.
4. Use different voice intonnations when saying the words. Teacher says -'like a mouse' and the students read the words, teacher says 'opera style' and the student read the words (as the teacher points to them) 'whisper style', 'low voice', 'high voice' 'from low to high', 'in slow motion', 'say the word without saying the first letter' etc.
5. Word wall rhymes. Teacher points to a word and a volunteering student tries to name a rhyming word.
6. A child tries to spell the word in the air with a finger pointer, the other students try to guess the word, the child who guesses is the next to do a word.

Daily focus on word walls in meaningful, interactive ways will promote the learning of the basic sight words. Ongoing support at home will greatly enhance the student learning.

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