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Planning for the New School Year

As summer vacation winds down, we start to think about what we need to do to get our year started.  What will your classroom look like?  What will be on the boards?  I've assembled some resources to help you plan.

More Resources for Looking Ahead
Special Education Spotlight10

Continuum of Services - Providing the Least Restrictive Environment

The IDEA requires that a district offer a "continuum of services," from the least restrictive to the most restrictive.

Reinforcement in a Self-Contained Setting

Ideas for how to create the structure for delivering reinforcement in a self-contained program

Self-Contained Classrooms -- Building a Program

Starting a new year in a self contained classroom requires planning: planning for the environment, for structures and instruction.

Data for Discrete Trial Teaching

A free printable data sheet for collecting data for discrete trials.

Data Driven Instruction in a Special Education Classroom

Using data to assess your instructional strategies is crucial for student success.

Summative Assessment -- How Student Achievement is Assessed

Summative assessment is the assessment that we use to measure a students achievement of targets and academic goals.

Formative Assessment -- Assessments to Support Instruction

Formative assessments are usually informal assessments that teachers give to students to assess their progress and make instructional decisions about further instructional strategies.


The Prevalence of a disability in the population is a ratio, reflecting the proportional presence of that disability in relationship to the population as a whole.

Single Subject Research Design

Single subject research is done to validate interventions and other educational strategies for students with disabilities, especially children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Incidence -- a Ratio that Expresses the Magnitude of a Special Ed Population

Incidence is a term used to define the number of people identified with particular disabilities in the general population.

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