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Literacy - Reading and Writing Strategies for LD Students

Reading and literacy interventions for language delayed students.
  1. Assessing Reading (3)
  2. Dyslexia (55)
  3. Grammar (3)
  4. Reading 101 (21)
  5. Reading Interventions (15)
  6. Sign Language (6)
  7. Spelling and Writing (20)
  8. Word Walls, Printables etc. (9)

Assessing Reading Fluency for Special Education
Children with dyslexia frequently have difficulty with reading fluency, the ability to read words and sentences accurately and smoothly. Their reading comprehension suffers when this happens. Teachers can assess and measure a child's ability to read fluently.

Recognizing Dyslexia in the Classroom
Dyslexia, the most common language based learning disability, too often goes undiagnosed in children. Understanding the warning signs and how dyslexia appears in the classroom helps teachers refer students for early identification and intervention.

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