1. Education

Physical Disabilities

Find out about the physical disabilities and how to educate students whose access to the curriculum is restricted primarily due to physical handicap.

Tips for Working with Students with Severe Handicaps
Tips for working with students with severe handicaps in the classroom. Inclusional classroom to support severely handicapped students.

Tips For Working with Students in Wheelchairs
Students with wheelchairs. Helping a student in a wheelchair.

Physical disability
Physically handicapped students in the inclusional classroom.

Multiple Disabilities
Ensuring that the needs of students with Multiple Disabilities can be a challenge. Find out what it means to be multiply disabled and how you can best meet the needs of these children.

How to Help the Physically Disabled Student
Everything you need to know about teaching physically disabled children for successful integration.

One Handed Keyboarding
Resources for teachers and students with one hand with a special emphasis on learning to type with a standard keyboard.

Planning for the Physically Disabled Student
Helpful directions and implementation suggestions to help you plan for the physically disabled student.

Physical Education For Students with Disabilities
ALL students are entitled to physical education. These children are entitled to an individualized special education program designed to meet their unique needs. Find out what the legislation says.

Teacher's Guide to Cystic Fybrosis PDF
The CF Foundation has prepared this fact sheet for teachers to answer questions about students with CF. CF is a chronic disease.

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