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Sight Words For Word Walls

Dolch List for Kindergarten to Third Grade


Dolch Word Lists

The Dolch Word Lists were developed by Edward W. Dolch who found the 220 most common words that appear over and over again. Over 50 - 75% of the most commonly used words are found in the Dolch List below. When students, especially those with Dyslexia or language learning disabilities focus on the Dolch words, confidence and reading ability improve.

The Dolch list below also contains the words most frequently found on Word Walls. We also have Rhyming words/word families available.

How to use the Dolch Words:

  • Play games with them, cut the cards out and use them as flash cards.

  • Use oral 'cloze' activities with the cards. Hold up the word, and use a sentence with a blank prompting the child to state the word. For instance: "I liked that movie so much that I watched it _________(again).

  • Shuffle the Dolch cards, turn them over one at a time and use them in a sentence.

  • Write a journal including as many Dolch words as you can!

Daily routine use of the words will build reading confidence. There are five lists: Pre-Primer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade. For students with learning disabilities, these words should be learned developmentally beginning with the first list.

All cards are in PDF format.

See also the word cards for all 44 spelling sounds which are great for your spelling program and word walls.

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