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Lesson Plans for Inclusion and Special Education Students

Lesson Plans for Self-Contained Special Ed Classes or for Inclusive Classrooms

A Differentiated Art Lesson Plan Based on the Work of Andy Warhol
A Differentiated Art Lesson Plan for Special Education Students, featuring the art of Andy Warhol

A Differentiated Art Lesson Plan for Valentines Day
A differentiated art lesson from Stephanie Geider creates color flowers based on the work of Georgia O'Keefe for typically developing children in elementary school adaptable for children from 6 to 18 with disabilities.

Letter Blends - A Lesson Plan for Students with Dyslexia
Lesson plan for children with dyslexia in kindergarten, first and second grades to teach and reinforce letter blends at the beginning of a word. The bingo game can be customized to match your current lesson and can include practicing writing letters and penmanship.

A Language Arts Lesson Plan on Summarizing Text
A lesson plan for teachers to use technology and students' interest in texting to reinforce summarizing skills and to increase reading comprehension. This lesson plan is aimed toward high school students.

Data Driven Instruction in a Special Education Classroom
Using data to assess your instructional strategies is crucial for student success.

Helping Students with Dyslexia Build Sequencing Skills
A lesson plan for children in early elementary grades with dyslexia to help teach and reinforce sequencing skills in reading and writing.

Cartoon Strip to Teach Initiating Interactions with Groups

A Lesson Plan on Sequencing for High Students with Dyslexia
A lesson plan for high school students with dyslexia to practice sequencing skills in stories that will improve both reading and writing abilities.

Creating a Classroom Book to Encourage Tolerance
A lesson plan for elementary and middle school students. Creating a classroom book with information on each student helps to encourage tolerance of each person's special talents and gives the students a chance to practice writing and editing skills.

Writing Lesson Plans in the Self Contained Classroom
A model for planning in a self contained classroom aligning IEP goals and Common Core State Standards.

Journal Writing to Build Writing Skills
A lesson plan for middle school students to provide daily practice on writing skills on a variety of different writing techniques depending on the writing prompt of the day.

A Lesson Plan for Fantasy Christmas Shopping
A differentiated lesson plan that uses Christmas, shopping and your students own motivation to solve problems, use functional reading skills and math skills.

How to Play Baseball - a Social Skills Lesson Plan
A Lesson on How to Play Baseball as part of a social skills unit to support appropriate social interactions.

A Circus Unit for Early Intervention
An Early Intervention unit for an extended school year program focused on the circus.

An Early Intervention Unit on Pirates for ESY

An Early Intervention Camping Unit for Extended School Year
A Unit for early intervention ESY based on camping.

A Clown Cutting Project for Early Intervention Programs

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