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Inclusion - Best Practices and Strategies to Maximize Student Success

Since the institution of the IDEA and it's re-authorization in 2004, placing children with disabilities in general education classrooms is meant to be the norm, not the exception. This category offers lots of information on how to successfully include and instruct
  1. Differentiation (5)

Resources for the Valentines Art Lesson Plan
This page provides the templates for the art project written by Stephanie Geider.

Your Co-teaching Inclusion Helps and Hints
Readers share ways that they have successfully negotiated the difficult challenges of working in a co-teaching full inclusion classroom.

Your Co-Teaching Inclusion Helps and Hints for the Rest of Us
Sharing inclusion successes in a co-teaching situation, and ways to meet further challenges.

Lesson Plans for Christmas—Lesson Plans that Explore this C…
These Lesson Plans cover five days of activities which emphasize the story and the cultural practices surrounding Christmas, a favorite holiday in the United States.

Christmas in Uganda - a Scrumptious Family Celebration
Sekukkulu, or Christmas, is celebrated in Uganda by dressing up, worshiping at church, and feasting on traditional banana and chicken meals, created with love and celebrated for days.

A Lesson Plan for Fantasy Christmas Shopping
A differentiated lesson plan that uses Christmas, shopping and your students own motivation to solve problems, use functional reading skills and math skills.

Lesson Plans for Hanukkah: Teaching Tolerance with Lesson Pla…
Four days of lesson plans for the second week of a comprehensive unit for winter holidays about Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.

Lesson Plans for Eid al Adha, an Islamic Celebration
These lesson plans cover a week during the festival of Eid al Adha, the celebration of the obedience of Ibrahim, or Abraham. It falls at the end of the Hajj or pilgrimage, and is a joyful time of feasting, exchanging gifts and visiting family.

A Unit Plan for the Holidays--Christmas, Hanukah and Eid al Adha
A unit plan for the Holidays of Eid al Adha, Christmas, and Hanukah, which all fall between Thanksgiving and the new year.

Books that Teach Diversity
This review recommends titles by Patricia Polacco that teach diversity and support teaching understanding in general and special education settings.

Lesson Plan for Thanksgiving: A Differentiated Lesson Plan
A Lesson Plan for Thanksgiving provides a way for students in an inclusive classroom to participate across abilities in a web search that will teach them about the history of Thanksgiving.

How to Make a Rubric for Differentiation
Learn how to create rubrics that can be used to structure assignments and evaluate student work in an inclusive classroom.

A Science Lesson on Mammals
This article demonstrates how to differentiate a science lesson using collaboration, strong visual elements, and assessment methods built on strengths.

Differentiating Instruction for Success
Differentiated instruction for students with and without disabilities in an inclusive classroom involves planning that uses multi-sensory presentation of information, especially a strong visual component, peer coaches, collaborative grouping, rubrics and differentiated assessment.

Life Skills Programming Ideas for the Classroom/School
Teaching responsibility and life skills throughout the school. Life skills teaching. Life skills and special education.

Developing Peer Support in the Inclusive Classroom
Lessons for the inclusive classroom.

Peer Relationships Worksheets
Free worksheets for social skills and peer relationships. Social skills lessons.

Following Directions
Auditory processing and following directions strategies. Teacher checklist for inclusion.

Inclusional Classroom Checklist
Discipline and behavior checklist for the inclusional classroom.

The Inclusional Classroom
The inclusive or inclusional classroom. Creating a learning environment. Teaching strategies that work.

Inclusion. The inclusive Classroom
'How to Reach and Teach all Students' is an excellent resource that provides you with strategies and best practices for teaching in the inclusional classroom.

Inclusion and What the Law Says About It
Different levels of inclusion are defined on this site as well as what section 504 means to students with learning disabilities.

Integrating Mark
Transcripts of interviews with families of children with special needs. Read why they did or didn't want to integrate their children.

Making it Work
Classrooms that include students with disabilities are designed to meet the individual needs of all students, whether they have disabilities or not.

What Integration Should Look Like
What the least restrictive environment for learning should look like is listed here.

Inclusion -- What is Inclusion?
Inclusion is the way in which children who receive special education services are placed in general education classrooms. Inclusion requires general education and special education teachers to work together.

Collaboration -- Essential for Success in a Full Inclusion Classroom
Collaboration is essential to success in a full inclusion classroom where a special educator and general educator will be co-teaching.

An Inclusion Toolbox
With a strong push to provide true LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) more and more children with disabilities are spending most or all of their day in a general education classroom. Two models have emerged for inclusion: push in, where a special educator goes into the general education classroom for part of the day to provide specially designed instruction, and the co-teaching model, where a g…

Autism Instructional Models -- What Model Predominates in Your State?
Looking for feedback from other teachers of children with autism to learn about the ways instruction is provided for their students in their state.

Project Based Learning for Special Education and Inclusion
Project based learning is a powerful way to include children across developmental, intellectual and ability differences, engaging them in projects at their own ability levels.

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