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Individual Education Plan

The Individual Education Program Plan (IEP) is a written plan developed by the parents and the schools special education team that specifies the students academic goals and the method to obtain these goals. Here you will find some interesting tips on writing effective IEPs.
  1. Behavioral Documents (12)
  2. IEP Goals (7)
  3. IEP Sections (7)

IEP Writing -- Preparing an Individual Education Plan
IEP writing is one of the most important responsibilities of a special education teacher. Some school districts provide software for writing Individual Education Plans, but smaller districts will continue to use your state's forms. Still, the federal law, IDEA, lays out the parts of an IEP that are necessary. Understanding the sections will help you write with more confidence.

FBA-How to Write a Functional Behavioral Analysis, or FBA
A Functional Behavioral Analysis is the first step in writing a Behavior Improvement Plan, a required part setting behavior goals for a student with an IEP.

Review - The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Spec…
A review of the Complete IEP Guide, which Jerry recommends both for parents and professionals so they can meet at IEP meetings on a level playing field.

Getting Ready for the IEP Meeting
Getting ready for the IEP meeting. Being well prepared for the IEP Meeting

A List of Typical Special Ed. Accommodations
Accommodations for students with special needs. A list of special education accommodations.

How To Write IEP Goals
How to write IEP Goals. Writing IEP goals.

Become Your Child's Best Advocate
How to be an advocate for your child. Parent advocat.

Writing an Effective IEP
The IEP is the heart and soul of special education. Find out what makes an IEP effective and see a sample IEP for a student with multiple exceptionalities.

The Contents of an IEP
Find out everything that needs to be included in the Individual Education Plan.

IEP Checklist
The format for an IEP varies from one school district to the next, but all districts have the same goal in mind. Here you will find the Who's and How To's of the IEP.

Take Charge of Your Childs IEP Meeting
10 sound simple suggestions on how parents can take charge of their childs IEP meeting.

An End of School Year Report Form to Send a Student On
A form is provided to report important information to a students new teacher

504 Plans for Students with Dyslexia
Students with dyslexia may be eligible for accommodations in school under Section 504. Teachers should understand and be involved in the eligibility process and in determining what accommodations will be implemented in the classroom.

Interval Behavior Observation and Data Collection
This Step by Step lays out how to monitor interval data, how to use a form and how to create your own.

Data Collection for Individual Education Plan Implementation
Data collection is critical for progress monitoring and reporting to parents and other stakeholders. Different sorts of data sheets are provided for different kinds of data collected.

Due Process -- How Parents Assert Their Rights
A description of the process for resolving differences between a school district and the family of an individual with a disability.

Procedural Safeguards
A description of what is in a "Procedural Safeguards" booklet, given to parents at an IEP or other meetings.

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