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BIP - Behavior Intervention Plan



A BIP, or Behavior Intervention Plan lays out how the IEP team will improve difficult behavior that is inhibiting a child's academic success. If a child can't focus, doesn't complete work, disrupts the classroom and is constantly in trouble, not only does the teacher have a problem, the child has a problem. A Behavior Intervention Plan is a document that describes just how the IEP team will help the child improve his or her behavior.

A BIP is a required part of an IEP (Individual Education Plan) if the behavior box is checked off where in the Special Considerations section where it asks whether communication, vision, hearing, behavior and/or mobility effect academic achievement. If a child's behavior disrupts the classroom and significantly interrupts his or her education, then a BIP is very much in order.

Usually a special education teacher, a behavior analyst or a school psychologist will perform an FBA and using that information, write a document that describes target behaviors, replacement behaviors or behavioral goals, the procedure for changing or extinguishing the target behaviors, measures for success, and the people who will be responsible for instituting and following through on the BIP. For more, read BIP - A Behavior Intervention Plan How To

Also Known As:
  • Behavior Plan
  • Behavior Improvement Plan

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