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IEP Checklist for Parents


This checklist is designed with parents in mind. The checklist helps to ensure that the child has the most appropriate IEP possible,one that includes parent contributions. The checklist helps parents determine if the IEP puts the child's needs and strengths first.

_____ The assessments/evaluations used in the planning stages of the IEP were appropriate and supportive for developing an appropriate IEP.

_____ I was informed of the IEP minutes in a timely fashion (usually within 30 days of the testing/assessment/evaluations).

_____ The conference included all support staff and myself.

_____ The information was presented to me in terms I fully understood and I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and ask for clarification.

_____ My contributions were taken into account and they provided necessary information for the IEP

_____ I was made to feel like a valued member of the team and felt welcome.

_____ I was given information about how to appeal any decisions regarding the IEP.

_____ The goals were completely appropriate for my child. The goals included short and long term objectives, the goals were SMART, and focused on what, how and when my child would achieve the goals.

_____ The IEP included specific support staff that would be involved as well as any special services that may be needed and these services and support were made fully understandable to me.

_____ Present level of achievement both academically and socially were described fully. (This level helps to determine if goals are being met as time progresses.)

_____ I have been made clear of all dates for the IEP for implemention purposes.

_____ I feel well informed about how, who and when my child will assessed for progress.

_____ I have been informed about the review of the IEP process and am aware that a new IEP may be required at this time.

It is important for parents and the school staff to work together and for both to become as informed as is possible regarding the child's social, emotional and academic development. The IEP should be a collaborative effort and no parent should be surprised by its content.

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