1. Education
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Antecedent -- A Specific Meaning for Analyzing Difficult Behaviors



In preparing a functional behavior analysis, special educators, behavior specialists and psychologists use an acronym, ABC, to understand a target behavior. The A stands for antecedent, the B for behavior and the C for consequence.

Antecedent in this specific context, means the setting events and environment.

  • Where does the target behavior occur?
  • When does the target behavior occur?
  • Who is present when the target behavior occurs?
  • Does something happen just before the target behavior?

All of these things may contribute to the "setting event" or antecedent to the event.

Also Known As: Setting Event

Antecedent In the morning upon arrival, when presented with her work folder, (antecedent) Sonia throws herself out of her wheelchair. (behavior.)

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