1. Education
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Cognitive Disabled

Resources, support and help for the child with cognitive disabilities.

Teaching the Life Skills
Life skills training for students with disabilities. What are the life skills?

Teaching Kids with Mental Health and Learning Disorders
Mental Health and Learning Disorders

Mental Illness and Children
Signs of Mental Illness in Children. Symptoms of mental illness.

Mild Intellectual Disability/MID or Mild Mental Retardation
An overview of MID or Mild Mental Retardation disability, its impact in the classroom and best practices to support these students.

Teaching Down's Syndrome Students
Down's Syndrome. How to teach a child with Down's Syndrome. Down's syndrome in the classroom.

Teaching Life Skills
Life Skills Support in the Classroom

Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) or Mild Mental Retardation
This particular disability will vary in name and criteria somewhat among the various education jurisdictions. However, you'll find information about intellectual disabilities and how to support these students.

A Plan To Modify Behaviors for Mentally Retarded Students
One of the most effective techniques for teaching retarded students stems from the effective writing of and the implementation of the behavior objectives. Find out how!

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