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Social Skills Lessons on Friends -- Build a Friend


The Lesson Plan
Social Skills Lessons on Friends -- Build a Friend

Build a Friend Worksheet


Objective: Students will identify the qualities of a friend, naming things that they do.


  • Chart paper with the outline of a person
  • Markers
  • Build a Friend worksheet


  1. Review How to Eat Fried Worms. Discuss:
    • Why was Billy afraid to go to school on the first day?
    • Who else was worried about making friends?
    • Why did all of the boys join Billy's team, instead of staying on Joe's team?
    • Who was a good friend, Billy or Joe?
  2. Bring classes attention to the chart paper. Say: "We're going to build a friend. What shall we name our friend? (Boys will choose a boys name. If you have a mix of boys and girls, give it a unisex name, like Taylor, and a pigtail on side, a cow lick on the other.
  3. Ask for things that a friend does with their head (trust, listen, compliment,) with their hands (play, help, share) and with their feet (visit, play.)
  4. Have them copy the qualities on their worksheet.
  5. Have them write a quality they think is important on a post-it, and have them put it near the head, the hand or the feet.

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