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Behavior is one of the greatest challenges a special education teacher faces, especially when students getting special education services are in inclusive classrooms. These resources help the special education teacher support their students in inclusive settings as well as help general education teachers and special ed teachers in self contained classrooms guarantee classroom success.

These resources are organized around first providing structure in the classroom, to addressing behavior generally, and finally assessing problems behaviors and providing structured interventions as prescribed by federal law.

  1. Classroom Management
  2. Behavior Management Strategies
  3. ABA Applied Behavior Analysis
  4. Behavior Management Documents

Classroom Management

The most effective way to deal with difficult behavior is to prevent it. Simple as that. Creating a classroom environment that reinforces positive behavior, stimulates attention and imagination and makes teacher expectations clear to the students.

Behavior Management Strategies

Before you have to put an FBA and BIP in place, there are strategies that will help refocus behavior and avoid those higher, official levels of intervention.

ABA Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a research based therapeutic system based on Behaviorism, the science of behavior, first defined by B.F. Skinner. It has been proven to be successful in managing and changing problematic behavior, as well as providing instruction in functional and life skills, and academic programming.

Behavior Management Documents

When behavior effects a student's academic performance, it is noted in the IEP. A Functional Behavior Analysis should be conducted and written by a special education professional, a psychologist or behavior specialist. Then a Behavior Intervention (or Improvement Plan) is written. Descriptions and directions for those documents can be found here.

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