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Reading Comprehension Activities


Ideas suggested here fall into the Bloom's Taxonomy of questions and can be used with picture books, short stories, novels or individualized reading for students of all ages. Many ideas do not involve written answers which work best with students with learning difficulties. The activities listed promote comprehension.

1. Make a picture of the 2-3 characters in the story. Cut them out, on the back list the traits, students can them play a character guessing game.

2. Make a time-line of events either in pictorial or in written form.

3. Pretend you're a news reporter and provide an oral broadcast of the story.

4. Make a trivia game about the story.

5. Make a jeopardy game about the story.

6. Use puppets to help you re-tell the story.

7. Make a comic strip of the story.

8. Use a Venn to compare two characters in the story.

9. Write or state clues about your story to see if others can guess which story you read.

10. Write part 2 or a sequel to the story.

11. If you could be in this story, decide which person you would be and tell why.

12. Make a list of everything in the story that could be fact or fantasy.

13. Prepare a commercial to sell this book to somebody who hasn't yet read it.

14. Create a poster to spark interest in others to read the book.

15. Write 5 questions that somebody who has read the book should be able to answer.

16. Design a new cover for this book.

17. Make a list of what makes a good book.

18. If you had to buy something for each of the characters, what would they be and why?

19. Is there a problem in the story? How was it solved? How could it be solved in another way?

20. Write the author telling him your opinion about the book and why.

It may be worthwhile to put these activities on cards and let students select which activity they will do. Track these throughout the year to ensure that students have had a chance to complete at least 10 of the 20 suggestions on the various books they read.

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