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IEPgoals.net Is a New Site Offering Support for Goal Writing

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The Bottom Line

A great start and good resource for people writing IEP's, especially strong for early intervention specialists and those working with children on the spectrum. Still, the goals do not name the condition for the goal, essential for laying out instructional strategy and collecting data. The academic section, of critical importance for learning support teachers, tends to list skills rather than provide IEP goals that could be cut and pasted into an IEP, a real weakness. This is a new site, and hopefully Trish will get help from people with backgrounds in these areas.
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  • Goals align well with the skills measured in ABLLS.
  • Goals represent the scope and sequence of early, important developmental skills
  • The Site provides a social media platform to help teachers collaborate online
  • The Site provides resources to help modify the goals in the bank and write your own.


  • The goals lack the condition: "When given five cards with pictures, Jonathon will . . ."
  • The goals are best when addressing early childhood and autism spectrum needs
  • Upper level math skills are presented in a "cursory" way, often just lists of skills.
  • Math skills do not clearly indicate the kind of response needed: written? oral?


  • A subscription only website designed to support IEP writing from functional to academic skills.
  • IEPgoals.net provides social media like Facebook to facilitate communication between members.
  • Excellent resources for teachers writing IEP's for young children on the autism spectrum.
  • Still in development, the website offers only two membership plans, an annual or a lifetime membership.

Guide Review - IEPgoals.net Is a New Site Offering Support for Goal Writing

One of the difficult ongoing tasks is writing meaningful, measurable goals, especially for children who are new on your caseload. The challenges are multiplied when a broad range of disabilities are all swirled into the mix, especially with inclusion. A teacher who used to mostly teach remedial reading may now be supervising students with behavioral challenges, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and with an autistic spectrum disorder.

IEP Goals Net is a website that provides broad information about writing IEP Goals, forums and groups for discussing goals, and an IEP Goal bank with a broad range of goals. The goals in Communications and Language, Cognitive/Play, Social Skills, Academic Readiness and Sensory/Transition/Attending are strong, except of course, for their principal flaw, lack of condition for each goal. Still, they provide a good range-continuity of skills for young children, children with severe handicaps and children on the autism spectrum. Most of the references in the reference section are geared toward children on the spectrum, as well.

The IEP goals in the bank for academic skills are much weaker, and by the time they get to multiplication, they are merely lists of skills, not always written with an understanding of the content. The vocational skills section actually covers what we would call functional or community skills with the children (middle school to high school) that I work with on the Autism Spectrum. The lists lack real pre-vocational goals, such as attending to task, sorting assembly, etc.

Then, there's my own personal bugaboo: behavioral goals. How do you measure responsibility? How about respect? Behavioral goals need to define the positive, replacement behavior. They also need to accompany a BIP and an FBA.

Another issue is the cost: $50 a year or $100 for a lifetime membership plan. What if the site doesn't last more than a year? And what if I don't find anything that really fits my or my student's needs? If that is true, $50 is way too much.

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