1. Education

Technology in the Classroom

Assistive and adaptive technology to support special education in the regular classroom and the special education classroom.
  1. Augmentative Communication (3)
  2. Text To Speech (6)
  3. Text to Speech Technology

Assistive Word Processing
Assistive technology to support writing includes special software as well as inexpensive word processors.

Using a Pen Scanner
Pen scanners, handheld scanner and Iris Pens

Effective Use of Switches
Assistive Switches

Augmentative or Alternative Communication
Augmentative or Alternative Communication or AAC. Picture symbol systems, symbol boards, voice output etc.

Word Q - Predictive Software Application
This application makes Dyslexic students want to write! Find out what all the excitement is when language delayed or impaired students use Word Q.

An extensive search database for those people looking for information on assistive products for people with disabilities.

Assistive Technology Solutions
This site offers a list of solutions and devices that make accessing the computer easier for students with disabilities.

Assisitive Technology Tools
A great site dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and adults with disabilities using the latest assistive technology.

Communicating with Technology
Find out about synthetic speech systems, speech to text and screen readers. Great for the visually or hearing impaired student.

A Language Arts Lesson Plan on Summarizing Text
A lesson plan for teachers to use technology and students' interest in texting to reinforce summarizing skills and to increase reading comprehension. This lesson plan is aimed toward high school students.

Tips for Using a Smart Board in the Special Education Classroom
Smart Boards are fun tools for children with disabilities, working like giant touch screens.

IEPgoals.net Is a New Site Offering Support for Goal Writing
IEPgoals.net, a new website, provides goal writing guidance, especially useful for early intervention and children on the autistic spectrum disorder.

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