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Special Education Assessment

Information about special education assessment and assessment tools used to determine the extent of the exceptionality.

Testing and Assessment for Special Education -- a Testing Overview
Testing and assessment is ongoing with children in special education programs. Some are formal, normed and standardized. Formal tests are used to compare populations as well as evaluating individual children. Some are less formal and used for ongoing assessment of a students progress in meeting his or her IEP goals. These can include curriculum based assessment, using chapter tests from a text,…

Special Needs Students and State Tests -- State Testing Seaso…
As the states high stakes achievement testing begins, teachers of special education students need strategies and accommodations to help their students succeed.

Tips for Test Taking Success
There are ways to help special education students do well on their high stakes state tests.

Test Taking Strategies for Special Ed Students
Strategies to help with testing can help special education students overcome disadvantages that come with disabilities.

Intelligence Testing for Special Education
Intelligence testing is a regular part of the semi-annual or tri-annual evaluation report, as well as identifying cognitive disabilities.

Standardized Achievement Testing - Assessment for Educational…
Standardized Achievement Tests are designed to test large populations and evaluate school or district wide educational programming.

Individual Achievement Tests for Special Education Students
Individual Achievement Tests provide important information for present levels on the IEP, for diagnosis and progress monitoring.

Curriculum Based Assessment -- Assessment for Curricular Success
Curriculum based assessment,or CBA, evaluates student's success with the curriculum.

Special Education Assessments of Functional Abilities
Special education assessments for functional, or life skilla, include the ABBLs, the Vineland Test of Functional Ability and Collier Asuza

Teacher Made Assessments -- Making Assessments for Massed Trials
Teacher made assessments can take many forms, including these cards to identify safety signs.

Assessment, Evaluation and Final Marks
Assessment and Evaluation and report card grades.

Diagnosing Autism and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5
The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual lays out a new definition and diagnostic standard for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Assessment: A Key Component of Special Education
A comprehensive overview of current assessment issues in Special Education. Makes a good case for the need for quality assessment to occur.

Assessment for Children Experiencing Reading Difficulties
Send for your free copy of this document to find out how to improve learning for the reading disabled child.

Glossary of Assessment Terms
An excellent glossary to help you muddle through the special education assessment jargon. Well worth the read if you have had or will be getting an assessment done.

Learning Disabilities, Special Ed Assessment Professionals
Shows areas covered by assessment professionals in the field. A good guide when considering tests and modifications.

Testing Exceptional Students
Information about selection, administration, interpretation and other issues related to the assessment of exceptional students.

Response to Intervention and Special Education
Response to Intervention is the new standard for identifying students with disabilities.

Data Driven Instruction in a Special Education Classroom
Using data to assess your instructional strategies is crucial for student success.

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