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Behavior Contracts for the Bus


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A Behavior Contract for the School Bus that Uses Numeric Rating
Behavior Contracts for the Bus

A Behavior Contract for the School Bus


Many special education students struggle with behavior. they may have ADHD as well as learning disabilities. They may have impulse control issues, or they may show off in order to get the attention of their general education or typical peers. Sometimes these behaviors happen on the bus.

In some cases, our students may ride the special education bus, especially if they are in a self-contained or specialized program, like emotional disturbance (ED) or autism support programs. Many of our kids with specific learning disabilities ride the bus with their typical peers, but may offer special challenges. To support your students and their general education teachers, a bus contract might help.

Steps to Success

Meet with your student and his or her parent to discuss the challenges your student is facing on the bus. What kinds of behaviors have the bus driver reported? What seems to start the behaviors?

Rewards: Once you have defined the problem behavior and perhaps described what appropriate bus behavior looks like, it’s probably a good time to consider the kinds of reward will motivate your student. This might be best if the parent is the person reinforcing the contract, since if the student is put off the bus, they will be the one getting him or her to school.

Numeric Rating: For students with poor impulse control who need more feedback, the numeric rating scale form might be more powerful. A combined score of 8 for the day might earn a treat after dinner, or a combined score below 4 might lose a preferred activity, like a half hour of television.

Whether you use this form, or choose instead the next form, you need to gauge which format will best support your student, giving him or her the feedback they need as well as the reinforcement they need on a schedule that fits their maturity and their readiness to learn.

A free printable bus contracts with a numeric rating system.

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