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Making a Pirate Hat for a Pirate Unit


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Create a Hat from Foam or Paper
Making a Pirate Hat for a Pirate Unit

A boy in a paper version


This fun pirate hat project is one your youngest can complete with assistance. Whether you make it from paper or make it from foam, this makes an impressive hat for your students to wear in a pirate parade. Add a mustache with a black grease pencil, and even the smallest child makes an impressive bucaneer.


Foam Hat

  • Black craft foam; 12 by 18 inches. I got mine for less than $1 a sheet at a big box craft store.
  • The pdf hat pattern.
  • One or more manila file folders.
  • A white crayon.
  • Black buttons (2 for each hat.)
  • Elastic cord
  • The pdf of the Jolly Rogers.
  • White Acrylic paint (either artists acrylic, or bottled acrylic you can get a craft or teacher's store.)
  • Brushes (if you are going to stencil.
  • Transparent stencil film
  • An Exacto knife

Paper Hat

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