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A Birthday Board Your Students Make


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Free Printable PDF's to Help Make this Birthday Bulletin Board
A Birthday Board Your Students Make

Preparing the pdf pages for the board.


Lots of teachers spend their own money to make a bright birthday board. Why? There are lots of reasons a birthday board is good to have:

  • Your students need to know important personal information, including their birthday.
  • At the beginning of the year, it helps your students to learn each others' names.
  • It celebrates your students, and makes them feel valued.

My question is: Why not have your students make the board? It will give them practice writing their name, writing their birth date, and practice cutting and coloring ( fine motor skills.)

Preparing the Birthday Cakes

First, print the free printables of the cake and of the candles.

Prepare the cake and the candles. You know whether your students need for your to:

  • Write name and date on the cake because they have poor fine motor and writing skills.
  • Write name and date with a yellow highlighter so your students can practice writing name and date, for those who have a good pencil grip and need the practice or
  • Write nothing because they are able to clearly write their name and their birth date. For this group, you need to be sure you have the birth date ready for them.

Once the student's names are on the cake, have students figure out how old they will be, and count out the correct number of candles, writing the numbers under the candles.

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