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Learning Disability Checklist

Strengths and Weaknesses


Reading disabilities and disorders. Determine whether your child has weaknesses or strengths in reading. If you answer yes to more weaknesses, chances are your child has a reading disorder/disability.
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  • Grade appropriate word discrimination
  • Good visual tracking when reading
  • Compentence with silent reading
  • Enjoys reading
  • Fluent reader
  • Reading rate is grade appropriate
  • Reads accurately
  • Good scanning or skimming skills
  • Ability to re-tell what was just read and predicts what may happen based on what has happened


  • Confuses words and letters
  • Often loses place when reading, requires finger tracking
  • Difficulty when silent reading, needs to mouth words or whisper when reading
  • Doesn't enjoy reading
  • Reluctant Reader
  • Reading is slow and deliberate
  • Lots of word substitutions, omissions and invented words
  • Cannot skim or scan for pertinent information
  • Cannot re-tell parts of the story, prediction skills are weak

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