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Jerry Webster

Jerry Webster

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In his 18 years as a general education teacher, substitute teacher and special education teacher, Jerry has taught everything from kindergarten to high school German, elementary strings to autistic support.

Jerry has been married to Candace for more than twenty years and has two young adult sons, Zach and Nate, who live in Pennsylvania.


Jerry is currently teaching in a primary classroom in Las Vegas, Nevada, after two years in a middle school autism program. He came to Las Vegas after two years as a teacher in a residential school in Pennsylvania. He has also worked with children with Specific Learning Disabilities in a resource room, co-teaching in a full inclusion room and as a "push-in" learning support teacher.


Jerry earned his bachelor's degree in elementary education at the University of Pittsburgh. He did graduate work at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, where he was certified as a reading specialist. Jerry's Masters of Education in Special Education was earned at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and he recently earned a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Autism from Penn State University. Jerry is certified in Elementary Education, Secondary Social Studies, Special Education and as a Reading Specialist, and has held teaching credentials in five states. Jerry also has a Masters of Divinity and is an ordained pastor.

By Jerry Webster:

I really love what I do (teaching autism) and really believe that Special Educators have a significant impact on the world when we help our students become productive, happy and fully engaged members of society.

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