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Readers Respond: How Instruction Is Delivered to Children with Autism

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I'm interested in finding out what is happening in practice for instruction of children with Autism. What is the predominate model in your location/state/country? Are you doing inclusion? Mostly self contained? Applied Behavior Analysis? I'm especially interested in what is happening at the Middle School Level: are your students changing classes? Receiving instruction in General Ed classrooms or in Resource classrooms? How Is Autism Taught?

Autism in the middle school

I worked with several students with autism in the middle school. One boy took all regular classes. He had a one-on-one aide for part of the year, then requested to not have one. He was quite bright, but often showed up at 11:00, having stayed up all night playing Minecraft. The second boy I worked with was non-verbal and had a processing disorder. He would go to art class in the afternoon with other students. The rest of the time he spent in a resource area using an ABA approach. This year I worked with a ninth grader with autism. He took some regular classes, but can't read well (around 4th grade level, although his level tested differently on different days). They started him in a history class, but he was removed from it because he couldn't do the reading.
—Guest Andy Gifford


I could have written a post just like this, maybe I have. I used to say I was going thgrouh the seven stages of grief. Eventually you will get to acceptance, and a weight will be lifted. Sure a part of you will always mourn all the hopes you had for Chico. All the normal things he should be doing. But for the most part you will just be grateful for what he can do. Hang in there and know you are not alone. If you ever need anyone to talk to or bitch to I am always here!
—Guest ndUlApREfzi


I have Just started looking after a 4 year old in Childcare who has Autism as well as Epilepsy. I have Epilepsy so I can help him with that, he is included in everything. How can I help him learn with Autism? I'm in Australia..
—Guest Michelle

How Is Autism Taught?

In response to guest Nicholas, he needs to go to the zoo if he wants to do training! Children with autism must be taught in an individualistic manner, what works for one child, may not work for others. We are receiving ABA, and very little inclusion in the general class room (but not nearly enough). There is plenty of money for special needs kids, it just depends on if you have a school district that wants to put forth the effort. Sometimes we must "show them the way." Call your state regulating agency over the school districts, they will tell you the truth, unlike the school administration. Dexter, MO schools stink at the treatment of special needs kids. We must persevere that the school district does a better job...remember, we are paying them whether they do a good job or a crummy job. I had to remind our superintendent that he works for us!
—Guest Mother of Angel with autism.


I am a grandparent raising my 16 yo Aspie grandaughter. At the small rural school she attends, they do inclusion. The rural schools in our surrounding area also do inclusion. The child may be removed from the general classroom to be taught in the resource room by a special ed teacher for a specific subject they may have problems with at the inclusion level.
—Guest Barbara B

Heart for Special Children

Here in my country(Philippines) we have some programs in Special children, but still our government should provide more support to special education. I'm special education student and I'm very happy with my education. In my school(West Negros University) we are interviewed first if we have passion in this kind of profession. We believe that you have the heart for this profession before you can be an effective teacher in Special education. I'm happy that I am molded by this school gradually so that I will be a productive teacher in the future. I wish that I can work and share my experiences in U.S. Thank you for the Newsletter. God bless and more power!!!
—Guest noelgayanilo

Teaching children with Autism

There are 10 children with Autism out of 33 children with other mental disabilities.I need your guidance to train these Children with Autism.
—Guest Nicholas

middle school autism approach

I am in Ontario, Canada. My moderate ASD kid is in a program called "CASSLES" for half of his day, regular classroom the rest - some with EA support, some without. Education programming is not meeting his needs at all and we are considering pulling him out to homeschool. Whole focus is on his behaviour, not his education. Spec Ed, Admin and classroom staff all see behaviour as chosen and ignore giftedness and interests. No OT program in place, despite reports.
—Guest Sam

How Is Autism Taught?

How Instruction Is Delivered to Children with Autism

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