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Special Education: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Worksheets You Can Print to Build Social Skills
Free worksheets for social skills and peer relationships. Social skills lessons. Character worksheets.
The 44 Sounds in English Language
How to teach spelling. The 44 sounds in the English language.
Dolch High Frequency Word Cloze Activities
Dolch High Frequency Word cloze activities across all grade levels.
Teaching Down's Syndrome Students
Down's Syndrome. How to teach a child with Down's Syndrome. Down's syndrome in the classroom.
Behavior Goals for Individual Education Plans
Behavioral goals which accompany a Functional Behavior Analysis and a Behavior Improvement Plan are part of an IEP for students whose behavior impedes their academic and social success.
Use These Resources to Improve Classroom Behavior
Free printables for behavior contracts and behavior monitoring tools.
Inclusion - - What is Inclusion?
Inclusion is the way in which children who receive special education services are placed in general education classrooms. Inclusion requires general education and special education teachers to work together.
ABC - Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence
ABC, or Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence is an acronym to help the a professional assess the function of behaviors.
Testing and Assessment for Special Education --...
This overview briefly describes and clusters the different kinds of formal and informal assessment used with special education students for identification, ongoing assessment and evaluation.
The Inclusional Classroom
The inclusive or inclusional classroom. Creating a learning environment. Teaching strategies that work.
Homonyms - Homophone Worksheets
Homonyms words and worksheets. Homophone words and worksheets. Worksheets for esl
Get A Handle on Behavior
Handling difficult behaviors. Behavior management.
Teaching Social Skills
Teaching social skills is essential for successful social behavior as well as self regulation and appropriate interaction with peers.
Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Special...
Students who receive special education services for behavioral and emotional support exhibit behaviors that prevent them from success in the general education environment.
What is Special Education?
What is Special Education? Here you will learn what special education is along with which laws govern special education.
The 49 Techniques from Teach Like a Champion
The 49 techniques from the book Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov have been tested and used in the charter schools of the Uncommon Schools.
How To Become an Effective Problem Solver
Effective problem solving strategies.
Practical Strategies For The Classroom
Effective strategies using a multi modal approach for special education students and their classroom.
Differentiated Instruction and Assessment
Differentiated instruction and differentiated assessment.
Teaching Money Counting Skills
Counting money is a critical functional math skill that requires patiences, repetition and lots of hands on activities.
Mild Intellectual Disability, MID/ Mild Mental...
Mild mental retardation, MID mild intellectual development.
A Social Skills Lesson - What is a Friend
This lesson plan launches a unit on friendship with reading from Friendship According to Humphrey.
How To Integrate the Special Needs Student into...
Physical education for special needs students. How to integrate special needs students into physical education class.
Improving Self Esteem
The importance of self esteem for learners, teaching self esteem improvement. How to improve self esteem.
Behavior Contracts to Support Good Behavior
A behavior contract is a useful tool for focusing a child on replacing inappropriate behavior with appropriate behavior, and can either pre-empt a Behavior Improvement Plan, or be part of a BIP
Social Skills Activities
Teaching the social skills, social skills lesson ideas.
Self Contained Classrooms
Self contained classrooms are the most restrictive settings found in public schools.
A Cutting and Coloring Easter Bunny Activity
Free printable worksheets for a cutting activity of an Easter Bunny.
What is the Special Education Resource Room?
What is the special education resource room? Getting special education support in the resource room.
FBA - How to Write a Functional Behavior Analysis
A Functional Behavioral Analysis is the first step in writing a Behavior Improvement Plan, a required part setting behavior goals for a student with an IEP.
FBA - Identifying Behavior for a Functional...
The first step to write an FBA is identifying the behavior and describing it in an operational way so that the topography of the behavior is clear.
A List of Typical Special Ed. Accommodations
Accommodations for students with special needs. A list of special education accommodations.
How To Write IEP Goals
How to write IEP Goals. Writing IEP goals.
Asperger's Syndrome - the Highest Functioning...
Students with Asperger's Syndrome often go undiagnosed because of strong language skills and approximate social skills. They lack good social skills, understanding of typical human emotion and behavior and executive function.
Behavioral Triage
An article to help you decide appropriate behavior interventions.
Data Collection for Individual Education Plan...
Data collection is critical for progress monitoring and reporting to parents and other stakeholders. Different sorts of data sheets are provided for different kinds of data collected.
Dolch Pre-Primer Cloze Worksheets
Free printable Dolch High Frequency word cloze activities with pre-primer words.
Positive Reinforcement - Supporting Positive...
Reinforcement in a special education classroom increases the amount of appropriate behavior, both socially and academically.
Setting Goals
Goal setting worksheets. How to set goals.
Becoming a Special Education Teacher
The role of a special education teacher. Should I become a special education teacher.
BIP - Behavior Intervention Plan
A BIP or Behavior Intervention Plan described briefly
Learning the Digraphs in Spelling and Sounds
Spelling lists and spelling patterns. 44 sounds in spelling, the spelling blends. Spelling digraphs.
BIP - A Behavior Intervention Plan How To
A Behavior Intervention Plan lays out how a team will intervene in a problem behavior that impeding a child's academic progress.
How to Use Miscue Analysis
Miscue Analysis. How to teach reading. How to do a running record.
Word Families to Teach Reading
Ryming words, sight words and word familes. Teaching reading and reading comprehension. Reading lessons with word families and sight words. Rhyming word worksheets and printables. Word wall printables.
Operational Definition of Behavior -- Naming a...
An operational definition describes a behavior, even an academic behavior, in a way that any observer can identify the behavior.
Assessment for Special Education –...
Assessment is foundational for identification,
Creating a Comprehensive Classroom Management...
A comprehensive classroom management system creates a structured environment that supports students' best behavior.
IEP Sample
IEP Sample for multiple exceptionalities. Page 2.
Common Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia
Students with dyslexia frequently have accommodations in the classroom to help them succeed. This checklist can help teachers and parents think about what accommodations a student needs in the classroom.
First Grade Cloze Activities for Dolch High...
Free printable worksheets for first grade Dolch High Frequency Words.
Think Sheets - Students' Written Responses to...
A Think Sheet that helps students evaluate the problem rather than focus on the punishment.
Chronic Lying
Why children lie. Help for the child who lies. The chronic liar. Disciplining a child that lies.
The Do's and Don'ts of Spelling Lists
How to teach spelling. The do's and don'ts of spelling. Spelling lists.
Letter Blends - A Lesson Plan for Students with...
Lesson plan for children with dyslexia in kindergarten, first and second grades to teach and reinforce letter blends at the beginning of a word. The bingo game can be customized to match your current lesson and can include practicing writing letters and penmanship.
Replacement Behavior -- A Positive Approach to...
A replacement behavior is the behavior which will replace the target, or problem behavior, and will have a similar consequence or reinforcer.
Advice For Teachers to Integrate Gifted...
Gifted students in the regular classroom. The inclusional model for gifted students.
Writing the Individual Education Plan IEP. Everything you need to know about writing the IEP.
IEP Math Goals for Operations in the Primary...
Math IEP goals for the operations of addition and subtraction at the primary (Kindergarten and first grade) level which can be copied and pasted into your IEP documents.
Language Processing Delays - Auditory Processing
Understanding language processing delays. What is language processing?
The Gold Standard for Special Education Teachers
This article discusses the qualities that characterize a superior special education teacher.
Behavior Self Monitoring Checklists
Behavior Self Monitoring Checklists, Behavior Worksheets
Response Cost in Behavior Management
Response cost, the removal of reinforcement for infractions of school rules, can be an effective tool to reduce undesirable behaviors of some students.
How Dyslexia Impacts Writing Skills
Dyslexia is a language based learning disability known for creating problems in reading but writing skills are also impacted. Students not only have problems with spelling but also with spacing, illegible handwriting and poor sentence formation.
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Oppositional Defiant Disorder is an emotional disturbance that qualifies for special education services when it impedes a students academic and social success in school.
Physically Handicapped Students
Physically handicapped students in the inclusional classroom. Helping physically disabled students.
Sight Words For Word Walls
Dolch sight words and wordwall flashcards. Use these most frequently used words to help children improve vocabulary.
Creating a Dyslexia-Friendly Classroom
Teachers can make small but significant changes in the classroom, teaching methods and in giving tests to help students with dyslexia better learn and succeed in the classroom.
Antecedent -- A Specific Meaning for Analyzing...
In preparing a functional behavior analysis, special educators, behavior specialists and psychologists use an acronym, ABC, to understand a target behavior.
Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
Dysgraphia, while it shares some similarities with dyslexia, is a separate learning disability which causes problems putting thoughts on paper.
Dolch High Frequency Cloze Activities for...
Free printable cloze worksheets for the third grade Dolch high frequency words.
Accommodations, Modifications & Interventions
Special education classroom strategies including accommodations, interventions and modifications. Best practice. Accommodations, interventions and modifications for the inclusional classroom.
Free Printable Cloze Activities for Dolch High...
Free printable cloze activities for Dolch Primer High Frequency Words.
Positive Behavior Support
There are multiple forms of positive behavior support that will create a positive learning environment and minimize the need for discipline.
Consequences, Not Punishment
Consequences can be used to teach appropriate classroom and academic behavior.
Determining the Reading Levels/Grades
Reading Checkslists and reading readiness. Reading Benchmarks.
R Controlled Vowel Words for Word Study
R controlled vowel worksheets. R controlled vowel word wall words. Word study for r controlled vowels
Behavior Contracts - Printables
Behavior contracts for students with behavior disorders or disabilities. Behaviour contracts. Behavior worksheets and problem solving worksheets. behaviour contracts
Social Skills Lesson Plan -- Initiating...
This lesson plan gets children with social skills deficits, especially those on the autistic spectrum, to initiate interaction with other children, especially typically developing peers.
Hundred Charts Teach Skip Counting, Place Value...
A paper hundreds chart you can reproduce offers students lots of ways to learn number theory, skip counting and place value.
Assessment, Evaluation and Final Marks
Assessment and Evaluation and report card grades.
Easter Crafts, Cutting, Art Projects and...
Crafts, dot to dots, lesson plans and other resources for the Easter season.
Behavior Self Monitoring to Make Students...
Special education students succeed with behavior management tools that make them accountable for their own behavior.
How to Discipline Without Stress, Punishment or...
How to Discipline Without Stress, Punishment or Rewards By Marvin Marshall, Ed.D.
Easter - A Free Printable Cutting Activity of...
A free printable. Special Education.
Shaping -- A Teaching Technique Which Moves...
Shaping is a teaching technique developed by behaviorists in which successive approximations are accepted.
Letter Recognition Worksheet Activities
Letter recognition worksheets to help emerging readers learn how to recognize the letters of the alphabet.
Reach and Teach Students with ADHD - What You...
Teaching students with ADHD, best practice for working with students with ADHD
FBA - Functional Behavioral Analysis
A brief description of an FBA, or Functional Behavioral Analysis as used to create a BIP
Checklists for Children with Learning...
Characteristics of learning disabilities, learning disabilities checklists
Reading Comprehension Skills - Making Predictions
Students with dyslexia have a hard time making predictions when reading. Prediction helps students actively participate in reading and is an important skill when measuring reading comprehension.
Extinction -- Eliminating Problem Behaviors
Extinction is the word used by Behaviorists and applied behavior analysis for eliminating behaviors, specifically problem behaviors.
Special Education and Inclusion
Best practices for inclusion in special education. What is inclusion?
IEP Statements: Focus Attention
Once the IEP is written, it is imperative that the student is taught the goals and fully understands what the expectations are.
Classroom Routines
Establishing and teaching routines is an effective way to begin the school year, to effectively structure the school day and create an orderly environment for teaching and learning.
Learning the Blends in Spelling and Sounds
Spelling lists and spelling patterns. 44 sounds in spelling, the spelling blends.
Figurative VS Literal Language
Figurative language. Figures of speech. Figurative language lesson for students.
The 49 Techniques, Techniques 29 Through 49
This is the second page of blogs for the 49 techniques from Teach Like a Champion, Techniques 39 through 49. Page 2.
Mainstreaming definition. What does mainstreaming mean?
IEP Math Goals for Counting and Cardinality
IEP goals aligned to the new Common Core State Goals, adopted by 42 states, for counting and cardinality.
Cartoon Strips to Teach "I Statements"
Students with disabilities have a lot of trouble managing their feelings, especially "bad" feelings that
Free Printable Dolch Data Forms - Checklists
Dolch High Frequency words represent 220 words that make up between 50 and 75 percent of all print in English. These words are foundational for reading.
Asking Better Questions with Bloom's Taxonomy
Questioning techniques. How to ask better questions. Bloom's Taxonomy.
Special Education Terminology
Clarification on Special Education terminology, Accommodations, Modifications, and Strategies and how these terms apply to the IEP and program delivery.
Curriculum Based Assessment -- Assessment for...
Curriculum based assessment (CBA) evaluates goals that come directly from the curriculum that a child is mastering.
IEP Goals for Place Value
IEP's for place value that align with the Common Core State Standards.
IEP Writing -- Preparing an Individual...
The IEP is the heart of special education programming, and this will familiarize you with the steps required to complete an Individual Education Plan.
Behavior Contracts – A Weekly Level...
A behavior management system that rewards excellent behavior.
Differentiation in Special Education:...
Differentiated instruction for students with and without disabilities in an inclusive classroom involves planning that uses multi-sensory presentation of information, especially a strong visual component, peer coaches, collaborative grouping, rubrics and differentiated assessment.
Reading Comprehension Activities
Reading comphrension lessons and strategies. Free lesson plans for reading comprehension.
Irlen Syndrome
Irlen Syndrome and Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome
Writing Lesson Plans in the Self Contained...
A simple format for a lesson plan that aligns IEP goals and state or Common Core State Standards. Page 4.
Letter Reversals and What It Means
Letter and word reversals, teaching printing
IEP - Individual Education Program
IEP Individual Education Plan or Program
Task Analysis -- A Well Written Task Analysis...
A good task analysis is critical for teaching students with disabilities all of the discrete steps required to complete tasks we often take for granted.
Help for Language Deficits - Receptive
Strategies to support language deficits - receptive. Special education support for comprehension and language difficulties.
Third Grade Dolch High Frequency Cloze Activity...
Cloze Activities for Dolch high frequency third grade words.
The Aggressive Child
Behavior intervention for the aggressive child. Strategies to assiste the agressive child. Behavior intervention and Behaviour intervention.
Deafness and Hearing Loss
Deafness and hard of hearing disabilities
Extended School Year Services
An overview and FAQ about extended school year services (ESYs) for students with special needs - what ESYs are, who qualifies, and what it costs.
Nasty Student Attitude -- Managing Unpleasant...
Using applied behavior analysis you can tame even the nastiest student attitudes.
What To Do When You Disagree
Resolving conflict and disagreements between teachers and or administrators and parents.
Cartoon Strip Social Interactions
Cartoon strip social interactions are cartoon strips that visually support students as they learn to interact in socially appropriate ways.
How To Brainstorm in the Classroom
Brainstorming in the classroom. How to have an effective brainstorm.
Multisensory Approaches for Dyslexia
Multisensory teaching has been found to be an effective way to increase the ability of students with dyslexia better process auditory and visual information and increase their ability to remember and retain information being taught. You will find tips to make a multisensory approach a part of your instruction and classroom environment.
Special Education Careers
Special education opportunities are growing as teachers prepare to retire and more and more children qualify for special education services. Not only are teachers needed, but also classroom para-professionals, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Varying degrees of education and preparation are required, and can vary from state to state.
The Attention Seeking Child
Attention seeking behaviors and interventions. Intervening with the attention seeking student.
Classroom Rules -- The Foundation of Good...
Classroom rules need to be positive, few in number, and taught with the procedures that will go with them.
Assessing Students with Learning Disabilities
Assessment strategies for learning disabled students. Classroom assessment.
FBA - Collecting Information About the Target...
Once problem behaviors have been identified and named, data is collected to evaluate the extent, the setting and the purpose of a problem behavior.
A Science Lesson Plan on Mammals
This lesson plan demonstrates how to differentiate a science lesson using collaboration, strong visual elements, and assessment methods built on strengths.
Word Families and Rhyming Words
Teaching spelling with word families and rhyming words and word families for a
Back to School
Back to school worksheets and printables.
Sight Vocabulary for Word Recognition
Dolch high frequency words are important sight words for learning word recognition.
Multiple Disabilities
Children with multiple disabilities. Supporting IEPs of students who are multiply disabled.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Characteristics
Autism Spectrum Disorders have characteristics that fall in three areas: sensory input and processing, using language and symbols, and social skills deficits.
Social Skills Lessons on Friends -- Build a...
This is a brief lesson for the social skills unit on friends, involving labeling hands, head and feet with things a friend will do.
Effective Behavior Management
Handle all behaviors. Dealing effectively with inappropopriate behaviors. Behavior modification.
Understand Inappropriate Behavior
Understanding behavior and changing it. Dealing with bad behaviors.
Letter Recognition for Reading in Special...
Letter recognition is a foundational skill that many learning disabled students struggle with, but this article offers some suggestions to support student success.
A Color Classroom Behavior Chart Using...
A behavior management tool that supports students across abilities.
Asperger's Syndrome in the General Education...
Students with Asperger's Syndrome often end up being included in general education classrooms, and teachers who have them in their classes often struggle with their quirky challenges. This resource addresses some of their challenges.
Free Worksheet Activities for the Letter A
Free activity worksheets for the letter A.
Standardized Achievement Testing - Assessment...
Standardized Achievement Tests are designed to test large populations and evaluate school or district wide educational programming.
Interval Behavior Observation and Data Collection
After you have chosen the length of the form and created it, you or a partner can use the form as a tool to collect data. Page 2.
Tips For Working with Students in Wheelchairs
Students with wheelchairs. Helping a student in a wheelchair.
Back To School Icebreakers, Worksheets, Resources
Back to school icebreakers, worksheets, printables and resources.
Individual Achievement Tests for Special...
Individual Achievement Tests provide important information for present levels on the IEP, for diagnosis and progress monitoring.
Dyslexia Definition Symptoms
Dyslexia symptoms and definition, reading disability
Capitalization Rules
Capital letters. Rules of capitalization.

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