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The Pro-Active Model - Classroom Management


Classroom management is crucial in supporting the 'inclusional model' especially when there are students in the classroom with behavorial/social exceptionalities. Use this list to make sure you have the procedures in place to support effective classroom management. Teachers with the best classroom are always prepared!

Beginning of the day (after each recess/transition):

1.___ What signal is in place to get your students' attention?

2.___ What procedure is in place to determine how the students enter the class?

3.___ Do students know what to do for each entry time? (Entering in the morning...write in their journal, after 1st recess...DEAR - drop everything and read etc.)

4.___ What is in place for the disobedient student?

5.___ What do students do with returned homework or notes from home?

During work times - whole or small group:

1.___ What is the signal or routine for leaving your classroom (washroom etc.)?

2.___ What is the procedure for the students finishing early? Be ready for this.

3.___ How do you establish what the acceptable noise level is?

4.___ How do students get help and when do they leave their seats?

5.___ When can students sharpen their pencils or put something in the trash or re-cycle bin?

Student Work:

1.___ What is the routine for incomplete or missed work?

2.___ What is the consequence for late work?

3.___ Where do your students put completed work?

4.___ How do you track student work?


1.___ What routines are in place for dismissal?

2.___ What routines are in place during announcements?

3.___ What are your expectations during group work to ensure students are on task?

When you are well prepared to 'handle' anything, you'll find that your discipine issues are well under control. Be prepared to have an answer for each item on the checklist - especially helpful for newer teachers.

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