1. Education
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Classroom Management Checklist


Learning Activity

_____ Is the child able to do the task/activity?
_____ Is the child able to understand your directions/instructions?
_____ Do the learning tasks and instructions consider the child's learning style?
_____ Is this the type of activity that helps to promote self-confidence (instead of frustration)?
_____ Does the child understand what completion means?


_____ Are classroom rules clearly understood by all students?
_____ Have the rules/routines been practiced and taught to the students?
_____ Do you adhere to your classroom rules/routines without exception?
_____ Are consequences enforced fairly and consistently?
_____ Are there a variety of rewards and consequences?
_____ Do all students understand your expectations?
_____ Do all students understand consequences for inappropriate actions?
_____ Is your room inviting and organized?
_____ Do your children understand all transitional routines?


_____ Do I always demonstrate respect for all students?
_____ Do I praise my students and give them ample opportunities to experience success?
_____ Do I ensure that I have student's attention before I talk?
_____ Are my instructions and directions presented clearly and specifically?
_____ Do I use appropriate voice intonation?
_____ Do I regularly use positive reinforcement?
_____ Do I use a sense of humor?

If you have wondered why some teachers just seem to have the magical formula, check out their class sometime and measure it against this checklist. I'm sure you'll answer yes to each item. Good luck and remember patience is another key ingredient for success.

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