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ADHD and LD Support Checklist


Teaching students who are learning disabled (LD) and/or have attention deficit disorders can be challenging which is why you'll find this checklist valuable. This checklist will help you to support learning disabled and ADHD students in the regular classroom or the self-contained classroom.

Do you:

___ Have very clear expecations for all tasks?

___ Find time to have fun with your students and use humor when it's appropriate?

___ Keep transitions flowing smoothly and provide assistance at transtional times?

___ Do you enable your student(s)to make choices from time to time?

___ Do your student(s) know how to get your attention appropriately?

___ Do you provide motivating learning opportunities to help the student to remain engaged?

___ Do you provide help with organization and review?

___ Are you providing appropriate cues and prompts that help focus your student(s)?

___ Are your classroom routines and expectations predictable? The child should be able to know 'what's next'.

___ Do you have a study carrel or time alone space?

___ Are you providing adequate modifications to the curriculum to make sure the child is not strugging with the written process?

___ Do you have appropriate assistive technologies available to you?

___ Have you made sure you're addressing the specific students learning styles within your program?

___ Do you allow extra time for processing and comprehending information?

If you can answer yest to most of these questions, you're well on your way to meeting the needs of ADD and LD students. Keep up the great work!

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