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Special Education Careers and Opportunities

Growing opportunities in Special Education require specific education, dedication and interpersonal skills.

The Gold Standard for Special Education Teachers
This article discusses the qualities that characterize a superior special education teacher.

Recruiters Looking for Special Education Teachers From Around…
With state budgets groaning around the country, it's good to know there are some places always looking for teachers. These recruiters were at the CEC National Convention (and Expo) in Nashville, April 21-15, 2010

Becoming a Special Education Teacher
The role of a special education teacher. Should I become a special education teacher.

Special Education - What You Need To Know
Here are the answers to the questions often asked about special education.

Speech-Language Pathologists Find Many Opportunities in Speci…
Speech Language Pathologists also called speech therapists provide services to special education children. They help improve articulation, receptive language, augmented communication, language pragmatics, fluency and language production. Their incomes are similar to teachers with the same level of education and experience.

Job Opportunities for Occupational Therapists in Special Education
Occupational therapists provide services to students with disabilities, teaching life skills such as eating, dressing, tooth brushing,

Special Education Jobs without College Degrees
Jobs are available in Special Education that do not require a college degree, including therapeutic support staff and classroom aides.

Special Education Aides
Treating your classroom aides well provide you with willing and supportive non-certified support.

Special Education Teaching Jobs
Special Education teaching jobs require certification, which may require a special bachelors or masters degree. Emergency certification is available through school districts or state approved schools who are having difficulty finding qualified teachers. Salaries vary from state to state, with the national average at $28,500, but can pay has...

Special Education Careers
Special education opportunities are growing as teachers prepare to retire and more and more children qualify for special education services. Not only are teachers needed, but also classroom para-professionals, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Varying degrees of education and preparation are required, and can vary from state to state.

Share Your Joy
Special educators share some of the experiences that have brought them joy during this Christmas.

Success as a Substitute Teacher
substitute teaching classroom management special education

Christmas Time s a Time for Joy, So Where Do You Find Yours?
Christmas is a time for joy, so we should be sharing ours with one another to remember why we teach special education.

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