1. Education
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IEP - Individual Education Program


Definition: The Individual Education Program Plan (IEP) is a written plan/program developed by the schools special education team with input from the parents and specifies the students academic goals and the method to obtain these goals. The plan also identifies transition arrangements. The law expects school districts to bring together parents, students, general educators and special educators to make important educational decisions with concensus from the team for students with disabilities, those decisions will be reflected in the IEP.

The IEP will focus only on the areas that are affected by the disability(ies). The IEP will provide a focus for the student’s learning and specify a specific timeframe. It will reflect high expectations for the student. The IEP should reflect as much as possible what the student’s peers are learning and doing. The IEP will identify supports and services the student needs for success.

Also Known As: Individual Education Program or Individual Education Plan and is sometimes referred to as the Individual Education Program Plan.

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