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ABA -- Applied Behavior Analysis



ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is a time tested and data based strategy for teaching children with disabilities. It is most often used with children with autistic spectrum disorders, but is an effective tool for children with behavioral disorders, multiple disabilities, and severe intellectual handicaps. It is the only treatment for Autistic Spectrum disorders approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration.)

Although it may seem simplistic, it is actually the best way to strip away all our cultural prejudices and see behaviors as they are. Based on the work of BF Skinner, it identifies behaviors that should be extinguished, behaviors that are to be taught and reinforced, reinforcers, and reinforcement schedules.

ABA may also refer to the certification that an ABA specialist who is certified by ABA International. An ABA evaluates students (FBA) and writes programs, both behavioral (BIP) and educational for students.

Also Known As: VBA, Lovaas

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