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ABBLS - The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills



The ABBLS is an observational assessment tool that measures the language and functional skills of children with pervasive developmental delays, most often specifically those children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It assesses 544 skills from 25 skill areas which include language, social interaction, self-help, academic and motor skills that typical children acquire before kindergarten.

The ABBLS is designed so it can be administered as an observational inventory, or by introducing the tasks as individually introduced tasks to be observed and recorded. Western Psychological Services, the publisher of the ABBLS, also sells kits with all the manipulate objects needed to present and observe the tasks on the inventory.

Because the ABBLS presents the developmental tasks in the order they would naturally be acquired as skills, the ABBLS can also provide a framework for functional and language skill development curriculum. Although the ABBLS was not strictly created as such, it still provides a logical and progressive set of skills that support children with developmental disabilities and put them on the path to higher language and functional living skills.

Pronunciation: Often pronounced "Ables"
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