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Secondary Special Education Resources for Middle School and High School

Resources for special educators working in secondary settings, such as middle school and high schools.
  1. Math for Secondary (3)
  2. Reading Language Arts (9)
  3. Secondary General Ed Resources (5)
  4. Transition (6)


Symmetrical Ordered Pair Puzzles Introduce Graphing
Ordered pair puzzles can help your students practice identifying x y coordinates and have fun.

Reading Comprehension - Tips for Teaching Students with Dyslexia
Reading comprehension is an essential skill in both learning to read and in life-long learning. Tips and suggestions for teachers to help improve reading comprehension in students with dyslexia.

Strateges to Teach Students to Make Predictions While Reading
Students with dyslexia frequently have trouble making predictions while reading a story or non-fiction. Helping students make predictions increases reading comprehension and retention of details.

Helping Students with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia Improve Writing Skills
Resources, tips and help students with dyslexia build writing skills, including strengthening sequencing skills and the difference between dyslexia and dysgraphia. Several writing project lesson plans for elementary and high school students.

Improving Writing Skills in Students with Dyslexia - 20 Tips for Teachers
Tips for teachers for working with students with dyslexia and dysgraphia to help them develop better writing skills.

Transition Services
Transition services are provided to students with disabilities to help them find employment and live independently after graduation.

A Lesson Plan on Sequencing for High Students with Dyslexia
A lesson plan for high school students with dyslexia to practice sequencing skills in stories that will improve both reading and writing abilities.

Becoming Remarkably Able - A Transition Workbook for Students with Autism
A review of a book for transition and planning for the

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