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Teacher Resources for Special Education Teachers

Resources for special education special students: Curriculum, materials and other resources to help special education teachers support student success.

Games to Support Students with Disabilities
Games support academic and social skills in students with disabilities.

Inside Math -- and Online Resource for Math Methods
A website sponsored by a foundation from Silicon Valley creates a great resource for special and general education teachers to support math skills.

Hi Interest Lo Ability Non-Fiction from Bearport Publishing
A general review of resources available for hi interest lo ability readers from Bearport Publishing.

Get Out, Explore and Have Fun
This review looks at Lisa Jo Rudy's book, Get Out, Explore and Have Fun, which lays out advice for families to help their children learn to enjoy and build skills by getting involved in community based activities.

Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom -- a Review
This review describes Best Practices for the Inclusive Classroom, a resource especially useful for the general education partner, but with lots of evidence based ideas for successful inclusion.

Strategies for Differentiating Instruction -- a Review
This Review evaluates Strategies for Differentiating Instruction, a book by Julia L. Roberts, Ed.D and Tracy F. Inman, and lays out the resources that the authors provide for differentiating in a classroom.

The National Standards Report from the National Autism Center
The National Autism Center has created a resource to help parents, educators and other professionals evaluate the effectiveness of different treatments and educational strategies for children with autism spectrum disorders.

An Edit Mark Table to Use for Self Editing and Editing Worksheets
A table of common edit marks teachers can use to teach editing, have students self edit and use edit worksheets to practice looking for spelling, grammar and usage problems.

New Hi-Lo Reading Resources from Bearport Publishing
Bearport offers some new hi interest low ability non-fiction books to excite your middle school and high school disabled readers.

Teaching Made Easier - a Web Based Tool for Differentiation
Teaching Made Easy.com is a website based tool that will help teachers provide a variety of activities to support differentiation, small group instruction, collaboration.

You, Your Child and "Special" Education
You, Your Child,and "Special" Education is a book written to help parents wend their way through the labyrinth of challenges in the way of getting effective special education services for their children.

Book Review: 100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia
Book review of 100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyslexia. This book has tons of ideas that teachers can use without any special equipment or supplies and start implementing changes in their classroom practices to help students with dyslexia.

Creating an Outline Writing Prompt
A step-by-step guide to assist students in creating an informal outline writing prompt using key words to organize thoughts when composing written assignments.

Websites for Special Education Teachers
A list with explanations for websites which provide helpful resources to teachers.

A Review of The Dyscalculia Assessment
The Dyscalculia Assessment provides an assessment, an overview of the component skills for math, and lots of strategies for remediating Dyscalculia.

Boy Alone,a Memoir by the Brother of A Boy Named Noah
Boy Alone is a memoir by Karl Taro Greenfeld that tells of his family's journey alongside his brother Noah, famous from his father's memoir, A Boy Called Noah.

Respecting Autism -- a Review of a Casebook from the Rebecca School
A review of the book Respecting Autism, a casebook that describes students with autism spectrum disorders, treatments and outcomes.

Creating Social Narratives to Teach Emotional Literacy
Social narrative books you write with your students help teach emotional literacy.

Book review: 100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils on the Autistic Spectrum
A review of a resource for supporting students with autism in inclusive settings.

The Autism Channel -- a Streaming Resource for the Autism Community
The Autism Channel is a source for streaming content geared toward the families and professionals who work with people on the autism spectrum.

The Special Educator's Bookshelf -- New Reviews of Important Books
These books are of special interest for the special educator. Hopefully you will find something here that belongs on your desk.

My Social Stories Book -- a Review of a Resource for Autism S…
Carol Gray's My Social Stories Book gives parents and teachers a wonderful resource to help young children on the autism spectrum learn to deal with new social challenges.

Exceptionally Good Friends -- A Storybook to Build Understanding for Autism
A review of a book written to share with typical children.

A Sunflower Art Project for Mother's Day
The finished project is a sunflower with your student's portrait.

Becoming Remarkably Able - A Transition Workbook for Students with Autism
A review of a book for transition and planning for the

Spring Flowers -- Art Projects and Activities

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