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Teach Reading


There are a number of really good literacy books to teach young students or students with learning disabilities how to read. These books are filled with best practice strategies to enhance literacy development.

1. When Kids Can't Read

This resource is specific geared for educators of middle and high school and focuses on strategies to use when a child struggles to read. You'll find easy to implement strategies along with practical advice. The author capably describes the type of reading behaviors by stepping you into a classroom and then provides you with specific, practical strategies to support the students. The strategies are all 'best practice' methods that prove to be effective. Whether you are a homeschooler or a teacher, you will find the support here to help move struggling readers aged 10 to adulthood. This is an amazing professional book about teaching reading with a specific focus on struggling adolescent readers.

2. Reading Instruction that Works

The Author's (Pressley) goal is to provide a "reader-friendly review of the research evidence pertaining to beginning reading, one that doesn't require readers to have technical background knowledge in reading research. He shares with you, the things that struggling readers rely on in their approach and guides you through the next steps. All of the strategies in the book are research based which means they are classroom tested and work when implemented properly. Read this book thoroughly to accurately understand where our struggling readers go wrong, then you'll spot those behaviors and be able to use the specific strategies that will guide them to become better readers.

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