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Lesson Plan - Prediction to Help Support Reading Comprehension

Making Predictions to Enhance Reading Comprehension


To reinforce reading comprehension strategies for students with dyslexia by making predictions about what will happen next in a story.

Grade Level:
Lesson can be adjusted to meet grade levels from early elementary to high school.


  • Age-appropriate book or story
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Paper bag, hat or bowl


  1. Read a portion of a story to the class. Stop reading before reaching the conclusion of the story.
  2. Have the students write down what they think will happen next. This can be limited to a sentence, a few sentences or a paragraph.
  3. Have students fold their paper in half and put it in the paper bag.
  4. Finish reading the story to the class.
  5. Take out the student's projections and read each one to the class, keeping track on the board of all the different possible endings to the story. Compare the predictions with the actual ending.
  6. Ask students to describe how and why they guessed the ending as they did and if it was similar or different to the ending in the book. Ask students to give examples from the story to support why they chose the ending and why they think the author chose to end the book in a certain way.
  7. Discuss which endings the class liked best.


  • By keeping the written endings anonymous, students who didn't follow the story will not be embarrassed that their ending didn't fit the story.
  • Use the lesson to teach how there are many opinions and perspective on not just stories but all experiences in life and we must be accepting of all different opinions.
  • Have the students draw illustrations for their ending.
  • For variety, read the students predictions before finishing the story. As you read, the students can compare the predictions to what happens in the story.
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