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St. Patrick's Day Dot to Dots for Skip Counting


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A Dot to Dot of a Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day Dot to Dots for Skip Counting

A Leprechaun dot to dot to 100


These dot to dots support simple numeration and skip counting, foundational skills for math.

Counting is essential to building number sense and mathematics. It is clearly delineated as an emerging math skill in the Common Core State Standards . If you have students struggling with counting, you no doubt have included counting or math goals in their IEP's. Dot to dots can be effective ways to give your students practice in both counting, and skip counting.

This easy dot to dot of comes in two forms: Counting by one to twenty and counting by fives to one hundred. Both can provide your emerging or very disabled students practice on counting. Counting to ten, or counting to 100 by tens, are foundational math skills that even the most disabled student needs to master.

Skip counting is a skill that supports other functional math skills: counting money and telling time. The ability to multiply is also effected by a students understanding of skip counting. Recognizing patterns in numbers (2's, 5's and 10's) will help your students build "number sense."

Free Printable PDF's of a Leprechaun

A free printable PDF of a Leprechaun counting by ones.

A free printable PDF of a Leprechaun skip counting by 10's.

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