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Checklist For Readers Aged 5-7 Years

Reading Strategies.


Reading comprehension and reading strategies.

Here's a checklist to determine if your child/student is at an expected level of development. Early diagnosis of learning disabilities/dyslexia is crucial to helping with the skills of reading.

1. ____ Is able to read easy pattern books. (An easy pattern book is a picture book with predictable patterns, e.g., I saw a cat sitting on a hat. I saw a frog sitting on a log etc.

2. ____ The child puts some of his/her own words into print and is able to read them.

3. ____ The child enjoys books and will look at books independently reading some parts from memory with a focus on some of the words. The child should be able to read books on his/her own for a period of at least 5 minutes.

4. ____ The child uses finger pointing to identify many words and recognizes all letter sounds at the beginning and end of words.

5. ____ The child is able to re-tell the main parts of the story - beginning, middle and ending.

6. ____ The child has favorite stories and knows the titles.

7. ____ The child is able to make relevant predictions about the story. Why he/she thinks an event happen, what might happen next, how the story might end etc.

8. ____ The child learns while reading and shares with others.

9. ____ The child enjoys participating in discussions about stories.

10. ___ The child sees him/herself as a reader and although is not reading word per word, he/she is confident to approach books.

If you've checked most of the boxes, there's nothing to worry about. However, if the child isn't displaying many of the readiness for reading characteristics, the child may be showing signs of having language delays or a learning disability. Refer to some of the helpful 'Suggested Reading' on this page to guide you.

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