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44 Sounds in Spelling: The Dipthongs



Sample Dipthongs

When considering a spelling program and how to best help children learn the sounds of the English language. Remember to choose words that help them understand all of the 44 sounds. Part of those 44 sounds include the dipthongs. Dipthongs are 2 vowels combined to for a distinct spelling sound: oi like in boil, oy like is boy.

Here is a spelling word list of more of the common words with dipthongs that young learners will need to learn:
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The Dipthongs sound oi like in oil and oy like in oy:
boy, toy, joy, royal, enjoy, oil, boil, coin, oink, point, noise, voice, soil, join.

Sound: au and aw as is sauce and raw
because, sauce, August, fraud, taught, cause, laundry, saucer, auction, saw, law, raw, jaw, yawn, lawn, draw, claw, straw, crawl.

Sound: ou like in round and ow like in how:
cow, bow, now, how, wow, owl, gown, allow, house, mouse, ouch, loud, sound, mouth, out, doubt, round, found.

Again, for a printable word wall or word card version:
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