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Reading Disability Checklist 4-6 Years

Reading Comprehension


Reading comprehension and effective reading strategies are critical to the reading process. Early diagnosis of learning disabilities is crucial to helping with the skills of reading. Here's a checklist to determine if your child/student is at an expected level of development.

1. ____ The child enjoys being read to and has expressed an interest in favorite books.

2. ____ The child is able read some environmental print that he/she's exposed to: stop signs, McDonalds signs etc.

3. ____ The child pretends to read and uses the illustrations to guide reading.

4. ____ The child recognizes letters and sounds of the alphabet. When prompted with: what is the beginning sound of bat, the child knows 'b' or, what is the ending sound of bat and the child knows 'p'.

5. ____ The child has memorized familiar books and reads these from memory. (Note: memory reading is an early stage of reading, at this stage it's important to write some of the words on cards and get the child to start identifying words from the story in isolation.)

6. ____ The child enjoys participating in songs, chimes, chants, poems and storybook times.

7. ____ The child chimes in on familiar or predictable stories.

8. ____ The child is able to make predictions about what might happen in the story based on what has happened - making connections is part of comprehension.

9. ____ The child will have fun with words and provide rhymes both real and nonsense type. For instance: right rhymes with tight, fight and 'grite'. The child selects rhyming words and makes up rhyming words. Seuss books are helpful at this stage.

10.____ Is beginning to recognize similarities and differences between stories or characters and provides rational regarding the similarities and the differences.

If you've checked most of the boxes, there's nothing to worry about. However, if the child isn't displaying many of the readiness for reading characteristics, the child may be showing signs of having language delays or a learning disability. Refer to some of the helpful 'Suggested Reading' links on this page to guide you.

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