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Books for Kindergarten and Early First Grade books

Leveled Book Selection for Kindergarten and Early First Grade


Books at this level let children use the information from pictures to tell the story. These picture books will contain a small number of words and will sometimes follow a pattern that is easily memorized - an early stage of reading. The strategies children will use include, one to one matching, directionality, picture clues and memory. It is extremely important to match young readers with the right selections.

There are many early picture books to choose from, the list below provides you with books I've personally selected from my work with reaching reluctant readers.

Baby Gets Dressed
ISBN: 0780248708, Author: Cowley, Joy; Belton, Robyn

Look What I Can Do
ISBN: 0689712057, Author: Jose Aruego

Huggle's Breakfast
This is a BIG Book which young children love.
ISBN: 0780257065

How To Make a Mudpie
ISBN: 0613342615

Do You Want to be my Friend
Author: Eric Carle, ISBN: 0153036028

Pancakes for Breakfast
Note, this is a wordless picture book where children are encouraged to tell the story using the pictures for clues.
Author: Tomie dePaola. ISBN: 0881033561

One Hunter
Author: Pat Hutchins, ISBN: 0808585282

The Great Cat Chase
Note: This is a wordless book where children are encouraged to use the pictures as clues to tell a story.
ISBN: 1577683587

Author: Pat Cummings, ISBN: 0673777235

Now We Can Go
Author: Ann Jonas, ISBN: 0688048021

One, Two, One Pair
Author: Bruce McMillan, ISBN: 059046082X

Growing Colors
Author: Bruce McMillan, ISBN: 0688131123

Count and See
Author: Tana Hoban, ISBN: 0027448002

Exactly the Opposite
Author: Tana Hoban, ISBN: 0688154735

My Book
Author: Ron Marris, ISBN: 0613365364

Bob Books First!
Publisher: Scholastic ISBN: 0439145449. This is a delightful relatively new series for early readers.

Dabble Duck
ISBN: 0064431533

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