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Life Skills Programming Ideas for the Classroom/School


Functional life skills are skills that are important for day to day living. These skills often include skills that will have to be taught by somebody else if not taught at school. The list here provides you with great programming ideas to support responsibility and life skills training in a useful, meaninful way at the school.

In the Classroom

  • Help with taking down or putting up bulletin boards
  • Care for plants or pets
  • Organize materials, pencils, books, crayons etc.
  • Hand out completed assignments
  • Distribute newsletters or items in need of being distributed
  • Help with checklists for money for trips, food or permissions forms
  • Clean boards and brushes.
In the Gym
  • Help with any set up
  • Prep the gym for assemblies
  • Keep the storage room in the gym organized
Throughout the School
  • Be responsible for the audio visual delivery and pick up to classrooms
  • Help in the library by returning books to shelves and repairing damaged books
  • Wipe down the computer monitors and shut them down each day
  • Clean the computer keyboards with slightly damp paintbrushes
  • Distribute the attendance records back to classes for the morning
  • Help with the filling of pop/water machines
  • Help keep the staffroom tidy
Help in the Office
  • Bring mail and newsletters to the staff mailboxes or deliver to each of the classrooms
  • Help photocopy materials and count them into their piles as per need
  • Collate photocopied materials
  • Alphabetize any files that need sorting
Supporting the Custodian
  • Help with regular school maintenance, sweeping, floor polishing, shoveling, window cleaning, dusting and any outdoor maintenance

A few things you might want to remember when programming for life skills:

1.)Don't take anything for granted.
2.)Teach, model, let the student try, support and reinforce the skill.
3.)Reinforcing may be required on each new day the child performs the skill required.
3.)Be patient, understanding and persevere.

Everyone needs life skills for daily, personal functioning. However, some students will require repetition, redundancy, review and regular reinforcement to become successful.

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