1. Education
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IEP Statements for Self Management


  • Demonstrate the need when hungry or thirsty.
  • Drink with a cup or use a straw.
  • Uses utensils to feed appropriately.
  • Unwraps wrappers or lifts lids.
  • Make a request for condiments.
  • Use manners.
  • Indicate what type of snack or beverage is desired.
  • Participate in tidy up after a snack or meal.
  • Uses napkins appropriately.
  • Helps with dressing self.
  • Helps with grooming tasks like brushing teeth, hair, washing face etc.
  • Helps to maintain an appropriate appearance.
  • Participates in clothing selections.
  • Cares for clothing appropriately.
  • Identifies the need for and assists with hygiene products.
  • Participates in greetings appropriately.
  • Expresses feelings appropriately.
  • Starts and stops actions appropriately.

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