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IEP Statements for Daily Living Skills: Hygiene and Toileting


IEP Goals

If you are writing a plan to ensure that your students will be successful, you will want to make sure that your goals are based on the student's past performance and that they are stated positively. Goals/statements must be relevant to the student's needs. Start slowly, choosing only a couple of behaviors at a time to change. Be sure to involve the student, this enables him/her to take responsibility and be accountable for his/her own modifications. Be sure to provide some time to enable the student to track and or graph his/her successes.

Able to use facial tissue to blow or wipe nose.

Is able to dispose of tissues and or napkins.

Indicates the need to use the washroom or diaper change.

Uses toilet with some assistance.

Uses toilet hygiene independently.

Understands the need for toileting hygiene.

Uses or requests personal hygiene.

Can manipulate washroom fixtures or make requests for the washroom fixtures.

Participates in the washing of face and hands.

Covers mouth when coughing and or sneezing.

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