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IEP Statements: Written Comprehension


Writing Positive Goals for IEPs

If you are writing a plan to ensure that your students will be successful, you will want to make sure that your goals are based on the student's past performance and that they are stated positively. Goals/statements must be relevant to the student's needs. Start slowly, choosing only a couple of behaviors at a time to change. Be sure to involve the student, this enables him/her to take responsibility and be accountable for his/her own modifications. Be sure to provide some time to enable the student to track and or graph his/her successes.

To Develop Skills to Support and Improve Comprehension of Written Material

Provide engaging and motivating materials to retain the student's interest. Be specific by naming the series, resources or books to be used.

Highlight and underline key words and ideas and ensure the student refers to them.

Teach the student about sentence and paragraph construction and how to focus on key points. Again, be very specific so that the goal is measurable.

Provide information and clarification about how a text or resource is organized. The child should know the features of a text including the cover, the index, subtitles, bold titles, balloon texts etc.

Provide ample opportunities for the child to discuss written information.

Develop re-telling skills with lots of monitoring and focus on the beginning, middle and ending key points.

Develop research skills and strategies.

Provide opportunities for group learning especially to respond to written information.

Show how pictorial and context clues are used.

Encourage the student to ask for clarification he/she become confused.

Provide 1 to 1 support frequently.


Write goals that can be measured, be specific as to the duration or the circumstance under which the goal will be implemented and use specific time slots when possible. Remember, once the IEP is written, it is imperative that the student is taught the goals and fully understands what the expectations are. Provide him/her with tracking devices, students need to be accountable for their own changes.

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