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Thanksgiving Resources for Special Education Programs

Activities and Free Printables to Support Student Success


As we approach Thanksgiving, like other national holidays, it's good to have lots of extra activities to support students learning while building on your student's enthusiasm for the holiday. Here are activities I have created and used in my autism classrooms.

1. Thanksgiving Dot to Dots for Emerging Counters

These easy dot to dots can be used to support counting to 10 and 20 or skip counting to 100 by 10's or 100 by 5's. There is a pilgrim boy, a pilgrim girl, and a big Thanksgiving Turkey.

2. Thanksgiving Skip Counting Dot to Dots

Skip counting is a foundational math skill for functional skills such as counting money and telling time. Students with Disabilities often have difficulty with many of these skills and need lots of practice. There are two dot to dots, each designed for skip counting by 5's and 10's. One is a pilgrim girl, the other is an Indian boy.

3. A Differentiated Lesson Plan for Thanksgiving

Finding productive ways for students with disabilities in intermediate classrooms and middle school can be a real challenge. This project based Thanksgiving unit encourages your students to work in teams on research to create answers across ability groups. It may necessitate a trip to the computer lab, but hopefully this lesson creates a template you can use for other topics.

4. Thanksgiving Cutting Activities


These pages provide two projects your students can do independently. On the first, students cut out the puzzle squares and reassemble them on another piece of paper to create the picture of a pilgrim boy and girl. In the second, the student color and cut out the turkey and tail feathers and create them on a piece of construction paper.

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