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Free Printable Valentine Dot Marker Art

Art to Support Hand Eye Coordination


The worksheets on this page are designed to give students with disabilities Valentines themed activities that will strengthen fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination and provide them with opportunities to create a project they can take home. They are designed to use with "DO A DOT" markers, bingo markers in bright colors for school. Besides the dot marker, students could use crayons or markers, as well as cutting out the art and mounting it on construction paper.

1. Teddy Bear Cupid Dot Marker Activity

This teddy bear cupid could be printed in multiples for each child so they could make red, orange or yellow teddies. For higher skill children, they could also cut out their teddy and mount it on construction paper, or cluster the classes' projects on a bulletin board.

2. "Love" Dot Marker Activity

This free printable is probably best for students with the weakest hand eye coordination. To differentiate, have students with stronger fine motor skills cut out the word "Love," glue it onto a piece of construction paper and jazz it up with some glitter. Who doesn't love glitter?

3. Valentine Balloons Dot Marker Activity

Another great but simple activity for your lowest skilled students. They don't need really good eye hand coordinator to hit the inside of these balloons, and if you cut them out and mount them, the students will have a successful project to take home. Once again, add glitter for a little pizzazz.

4. A Valentine Bee Dot Marker Activity

This free printable Valentine B has her stripes marked with a b for black and y for yellow. You might use crayon for the black, which will create a wax resist for your watercolor marker. Your children might also think of other animals who might bring them a Valentine.

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