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Thanksgiving Cutting Puzzles for Emerging Students


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A Simple Thanksgiving Cutting Puzzle of a Pilgrim Boy
Thanksgiving Cutting Puzzles for Emerging Students

A Pilgrim Boy


Accommodating the Challenges of Some Students with Disabilities

I have several other cutting puzzles for Thanksgiving, but find that they are too challenging for some students who do need the practice. Sometimes 6 or 8 pieces offer too much challenge for students who are still developing visual acuity. The lines are too close together for them to stay on the lines. They need a simpler, easier cutting task. I have created these five cutting puzzles with just four tiles each.

Cutting is an important fine motor skill, and helps students with disabilities build hand strength. This simple puzzle, as well as those that follow, uses straight lines and scrambled squares. These four piece puzzles are less likely to frustrate your students with emerging cutting and visual skills, by keeping it really simple. By asking students to plan as they cut, you will also be calling on their executive function.

This puzzle shows a Pilgrim boy. Okay, so he is idealized, but what vision of Thanksgiving is not idealized? There are four pieces your students can cut out and reassemble before they color them. You will need to provide construction paper and glue for your students to mount the pieces. I prefer glue sticks.

The free printable Pilgrim Boy puzzle.

A free printable of the Pilgrim Boy image you can print to show your children how the puzzle looks when finished.

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