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Jingle Math - Problem Solving Resources for Special Education


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Christmas Presents for Jingle Math
Jingle Math - Problem Solving Resources for Special Education

Christmas present printable


What's Christmas without presents under the tree? These little gift boxes can be used as counters to do some "Jingle Math" narratives.


  1. Run the free printable Christmas Presents on cardstock, or run them on plain paper and mount them on cardstock when they are ready to laminate.
  2. Color, cut and laminate the presents.
  3. Add a piece of magnet tape on the back and move them to your white board.
  4. Group the presents and use one of the math narratives.
  5. Model problem solving for the first couple.
  6. Have students write the math sentence for your math narratives on a white board or a piece of paper.
  7. Have your students "report back" with their math sentences and solution. Did they label their answer?

Narratives for Math Gifts

  • There were eight Christmas Presents under the Christmas tree. The Grinch came and stole three. How many gifts were left? (subtract)
  • Grandma put three presents under the tree. Uncle Harry put two presents under the tree. How many presents were under the tree all together? (add)
  • Santa had seven gifts left in his sack. He left 2 for Julianna. How many gifts were still in the sack? (subtract.)
  • Andy had 2 presents under the tree. His sister Janet had three presents. How many presents were under the tree? (add)

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