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Cutting Puzzles for Valentines Day


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A Valentine of a Teddy Cupid
Cutting Puzzles for Valentines Day

A Teddy Cherub for Valentines Day


Cutting is an important fine motor skill, and helps students with disabilities build hand strength. This puzzle, which uses straight lines and scrambled squares, will challenge your student's cutting and visual skills. By asking students to plan as they cut, you will also be calling on their executive function.



  1. Distribute the free printable and the mounting construction paper.
  2. Have students cut out the individual squares and order them.
  3. Once they have placed the pieces, they can glue them down. Encourage your students to assemble the picture before they paste it down.(Some will not. Trust me.)
  4. Have students color the Teddy.


Use the puzzle as part of an art center, perhaps alongside the Valentine dot art.

Leave patterns, glitter and construction paper in your art center so your students can make their own Valentines.

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